a2z Chewable

Elevate your well-being with doTERRA a2z Chewable—integrating B vitamins, Vitamins A, C, and E, and botanical extracts to foster healthy cell development and longevity. Designed for daily use, it complements Wild Orange-flavored IQ Mega® Omega-3 fish oil, forming a powerful duo that supports immunity, cognitive function, and provides antioxidant protection.† Embrace a comprehensive approach to your dietary supplement regimen for a healthier, more vibrant life.†

Primary benefits

Introducing our watermelon-flavored chewable tablet for children aged 4 and above. Powered by choline, phosphatidylserine, and inositol, it enhances cognitive function, free from high fructose corn syrup and artificial additives. The superfood blend promotes overall health, enriched with the exclusive Alpha CRS®+ Blend. Packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and bioavailable minerals, this daily supplement, when paired with IQ Mega®, establishes a comprehensive foundation for lifelong vitality and wellness†.


Prioritize safety and well-being with our meticulously crafted xEO Mega Essential Oil Omega Complex. For those expecting, nursing, or with known medical conditions, consult a physician before use. Ensure the safety seal is intact. Our gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, egg, and nut-free formula is designed for everyone, but if considering use for children under 4, seek advice from a physician. Elevate your health with confidence, guided by our commitment to quality and safety.

Directions for Use

For kids aged 4 and above, enjoy 2 tablets daily with meals. Adults, seize the flexibility to take up to 3 tablets daily. Elevate your wellness effortlessly with our easy-to-follow dosage regimen for the whole family. Health made simple, because everyone deserves the best.

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