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The Siberian fir tree, a towering and light-colored conifer native to Russia and Canada, yields Siberian Fir essential oil through steam distillation of its needles and twigs. This essential oil emanates a refreshing, woody scent celebrated for its calming and relaxing properties. The unique chemical composition of Siberian Fir is primarily characterized by bornyl acetate, which contributes significantly to the numerous benefits associated with this oil. Beyond its aromatic qualities, Siberian Fir can also offer soothing effects on the skin, making it an excellent choice to enhance the experience of a comforting massage.

– **Plant Part:** Needle/Twig
– **Extraction Method:** Steam distillation
– **Aromatic Description:** Green, woody, fresh
– **Main Chemical Components:** Bornyl acetate, Camphene, δ-3-Carene, α-Pinene

Primary benefits

Establish a serene, positive ambiance with this blend. Diffuse for a calming fragrance or incorporate it to elevate the experience of a soothing massage.


Ease post-exertion tension by massaging into skin for comforting relief. Apply topically to alleviate minor skin irritations. Inhale deeply to enjoy the invigorating aroma.

Directions For Use

For diffusion, add 3-4 drops to your preferred diffuser. Internally, mix 1 drop with 4 fluid ounces of liquid. Topically, apply 1-2 drops to the desired area, diluting with a carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity. Refer to extra precautions below.


Caution: May cause skin sensitivity. Keep away from children. Consult your physician if pregnant, nursing, or under medical care. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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