Athlete’s Kit

Elevate your fitness journey with the doTERRA Athlete’s Kit, tailored for active lifestyles. Ideal for both competitive arenas and local gyms, this kit supports your health from workout to recovery. Featuring 5mL bottles of doTERRA Breathe, On Guard, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Peppermint, along with a 120 mL tube of Deep Blue Rub, all neatly packed in a reusable zippered pouch. Embrace your athletic pursuits with this comprehensive kit, designed to keep you at your best.

Primary Benefits

Experience the power of natural wellness with doTERRA essentials. Breathe easy with doTERRA Breathe, combating seasonal threats. Elevate your active lifestyle with On Guard, your shield against environmental challenges. Unwind with Lavender's calming embrace, perfect for relaxation. Tea Tree's versatility cleanses and rejuvenates, ideal for athletic needs. Invigorate your senses with Peppermint's energy boost. Treat your athletic hero to Deep Blue Rub's soothing massage. All in a compact, reusable case for on-the-go well-being.


"Experience the power of essential oils with doTERRA's Athlete's Kit, originally crafted for elite athletes and now accessible to all sports enthusiasts. Packed in a convenient case, it's perfect for on-the-go use wherever your activities lead. Tailored for active individuals new to essential oils, this kit brings the benefits of doTERRA to enhance your performance and well-being in every athletic pursuit."

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