Blue Lotus Touch

Discover the enchanting allure of Blue Lotus Touch, derived from the revered blue lotus flower symbolizing long life, health, and good fortune. Revered by ancient Egyptians, this sacred blossom, sourced in Asia through Co-Impact Sourcing®, offers a captivating fragrance. Use it for massages, meditation, or indulge in its skin-hydrating properties. Collected by local families at sunrise, it supports over 85 farmers, fostering a sustainable livelihood. Elevate your senses with this rare, magical essence in a convenient 10 mL size (Item: 60219175).

Primary benefits

Indulge in a tranquil floral experience with our relaxing aroma blend. Doubly beneficial, this blend not only delivers a natural skin moisturizer but also fosters a healthy, radiant complexion. Elevate your self-care routine with the soothing essence of this product, offering both aromatic bliss and skin-nourishing properties. Unwind and enhance your well-being, embracing a skincare solution that leaves you feeling refreshed and your complexion radiant.


Elevate your space with the Myst Wall Plug Diffuser by seamlessly infusing it with the comforting aroma of Twist Hygge Cozy Blend or any doTERRA essential oil. Transform your surroundings effortlessly, creating a cozy ambiance. Note: Follow additional precautions for optimal usage and safety. Upgrade your environment with the Myst Wall Plug Diffuser—where wellness meets simplicity.

Directions For Use

Effortlessly target relief with our convenient topical solution. Simply apply the product directly to the desired area without the need for dilution. Experience quick and effective results with ease. For additional precautions, refer to the guidelines below, ensuring a safe and optimal application experience. Prioritize your well-being with our user-friendly topical approach.


Exercise caution with potential skin sensitivity. Keep away from children. If pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision, consult your physician before use. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Prioritize safety and seek professional advice to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience with our products.

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