Volo® Onyx Diffuser

Enhance your space with the doTERRA Volo™ Ultrasonic Diffuser, available in onyx and marble finishes. Featuring a handcrafted polyresin stone top with a diamond pattern, this elegant diffuser complements any home or office. Customize your aromatherapy experience with one-, three-, or six-hour settings, offering the highest mist output for up to 14 hours. With optional… Continue reading Volo® Onyx Diffuser

Volo® Marble Diffuser

Introducing the elegant doTERRA Volo™ Ultrasonic Diffuser, available in onyx and marble finishes to enhance any home or office space. Crafted with a handcrafted polyresin stone top featuring a bespoke diamond pattern, this unique diffuser offers optional light settings—choose from light-free, warm, or bright amber ambient light. With customizable output and multiple time settings (one,… Continue reading Volo® Marble Diffuser

Roam® Diffuser with Lime and Grapefruit

Elevate any space with the Roam Diffuser, designed for on-the-go essential oil experiences. Brighten your surroundings with the invigorating scents of doTERRA Lime and Grapefruit oils. Refresh your space with Lime or uplift the environment with Grapefruit. Available while supplies last, this kit includes the Roam Diffuser with a 3.4 fluid ounce water capacity. Enjoy… Continue reading Roam® Diffuser with Lime and Grapefruit

Roam® Diffuser

Introducing the doTERRA Roam Diffuser—crafted from natural, vibrant ground stone, each uniquely polished. Unleash a wireless aromatic experience with its built-in rechargeable battery and charging dock. Perfect for any room, this diffuser hosts your essential oils with elegance. Specs & Features:– Water capacity: 100 mL/3.4 oz– Suggested room size: Up to 270sq. ft/25sq. m– Continuous… Continue reading Roam® Diffuser

Pebble™ Diffuser

Unleash the might of the Pebble Diffuser – a compact powerhouse. This ultrasonic marvel boasts a five-hour continuous runtime, 10-hour intermittent runtime, and diverse light settings. Its unassuming size seamlessly integrates into your home décor, ensuring a subtle yet aromatic ambiance with your preferred essential oils. Elevate your space with this efficient diffuser that proves… Continue reading Pebble™ Diffuser

Laluz® Diffuser with Lemon and Lavender

Elevate your space with the Laluz Diffuser, a perfect blend of style and simplicity. Experience the invigorating essence of Lemon for vibrant days and the soothing aura of Lavender for tranquility. This chic diffuser runs up to eight hours, allowing continuous diffusion day or night. Features include a 4.06 fluid ounce water capacity, coverage for… Continue reading Laluz® Diffuser with Lemon and Lavender

Laluz Diffuser

Transform any space into a haven of opulence with the Laluz Diffuser. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse essential oil blends and enhance your home’s ambiance with this potent ultrasonic diffuser. Boasting an eight-hour maximum runtime and three independent ambient light settings, the Laluz lets you tailor the atmosphere to your mood. Its chic,… Continue reading Laluz Diffuser

Dawn® Aroma Humidifier with Lemon Eucalyptus and Wild Orange

Elevate your space with the Dawn Aroma Humidifier, ensuring optimal comfort day and night. This essential features three mist modes, including a sleep mode for uninterrupted tranquility. Transform your surroundings by adding the invigorating Lemon Eucalyptus or cheery Wild Orange essential oils, included in this limited-supply kit. The Dawn Aroma Humidifier boasts a 1.8-liter capacity,… Continue reading Dawn® Aroma Humidifier with Lemon Eucalyptus and Wild Orange

Dawn® Aroma Humidifier

Introducing the doTERRA Dawn Aroma-Humidifier, crafted for ultimate room comfort. Its intelligent sleep mode ensures optimal humidity levels for a restful night’s sleep. With a 1.8 L/0.48 gal water capacity, it suits spaces up to 270 sq. ft/25 sq. m. Choose from high, medium, or low mist modes for up to 22 hours of continuous… Continue reading Dawn® Aroma Humidifier

Aroma Essentials Collection

Elevate your home environment and eliminate toxins effortlessly with the Aroma Essentials Collection. Bid farewell to synthetic fragrances while indulging in delightful aromas. This kit includes the Laluz® Diffuser and 5 mL bottles of doTERRA’s powerhouse oils, including Peppermint, doTERRA Balance®, doTERRA Breathe®, Wild Orange, doTERRA On Guard®, Citrus Bloom®, doTERRA Serenity®, doTERRA Cheer®, doTERRA… Continue reading Aroma Essentials Collection

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