dōTERRA abōde™ Hand Wash Dispenser

Express your personality and style through your home. Introducing the dōTERRA abōde™ Hand Wash Dispenser—a stunning, high-quality, and refillable amber glass container designed to mirror your taste. Specifically crafted for dōTERRA® abōde® Hand Wash, this robust, reusable bottle offers convenience and effortless refilling. Ideal for both the kitchen and bathroom, the pump dispenser generates luxurious foam, elevating your handwashing routine to a delightful experience. With dōTERRA, embracing sustainability is made easy—reduce plastic use, save money, and maintain a pristine home. Tailored for conscientious consumers, abōde seamlessly combines effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic allure. No compromises. dōTERRA abōde™ | Hand Wash Dispenser 16 fl oz / 473 mL

Primary benefits

Delivering hand wash in a stylish, refillable amber glass bottle, this durable dispenser enhances any kitchen decor. Its user-friendly design includes a drip- and clog-free pump for effortless application.


Pour dōTERRA abōde Hand Wash Concentrate into a glass bottle, filling it up to the concentrate line. Add purified water until it reaches the water line. Securely attach the pump, gently shake, and it's ready for use. Keep your hands clean and refreshed with this simple and effective DIY hand wash.

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