doTERRA baby Collection

Introducing the doTERRA Baby Collection—a reliable, natural, and gentle solution for your baby’s cleansing and care needs. Our meticulously crafted doTERRA Baby Hair & Body Wash, Lotion, and Diaper Rash Cream offer a non-toxic formula, devoid of harmful ingredients. Clinically tested for use on sensitive skin, this collection provides a safe and effective way to nurture your baby’s well-being.

Please note: Limited to 4 kits per order.

Kit Details:
– Size: 1 Kit
– Item Number: 60206023

Primary benefits

Introducing doTERRA Baby Care essentials: Our Hair & Body Wash delicately cleanses, maintaining the skin's natural balance, while the tear-free formula ensures a gentle experience for sensitive skin. The Baby Lotion offers soothing moisture with natural ingredients, in a clinically tested formula suitable for delicate skin. Guard against diaper rash with our Diaper Rash Cream, forming a protective barrier and featuring a gentle, clinically tested formula tailored for your baby's sensitive skin. Nurture your baby with the gentle care they deserve.


Unlock radiant skin with our Veráge Moisturizer, a harmonious blend of CPTG® essential oils – Jasmine, Geranium, Sea Buckthorn Berry, and Juniper Berry. Tailored for all skin types, this non-greasy formula combines rich shea butter, rice bran oil, and Amur Corktree bark extract to deeply nourish and soothe. Juniper Berry targets aging, while Sea Buckthorn Berry adds a touch of luxury. Discover the perfect balance for your skin. For detailed directions, explore our Product Information Pages.


Introducing the doTERRA Baby Collection—a gentle touch for your little one. External use only; discontinue if irritation arises. Adult supervision advised. Our Diaper Rash Cream, avoiding eyes, nose, and mouth, offers relief. Consult a doctor if conditions persist or worsen. Keep out of reach of children. Seek medical help if swallowed. Elevate your baby care routine with doTERRA, ensuring safety and comfort at every step.

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