doTERRA hair Conditioner Strengthening Bar

Enriched with CPTG® Rosemary and Mint, this shampoo bar features a nourishing formula that taps into the potent advantages of fermented rice water, brimming with vitamins and antioxidants. The rice water contributes to the enhancement of hair smoothness and strength, along with an overall improvement in texture. The invigorating Mint and revitalizing Rosemary work together to leave the scalp feeling refreshed and healthy. Safe for color-treated hair and suitable for all hair types, this concentrated bar is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Sourced sustainably and ethically, the doTERRA hair Shampoo Bar is environmentally conscious, utilizing bio-based and recyclable materials without the use of plastic, and it conserves nearly 13.6 fluid ounces of water.

Size: 3.5 oz / 100 g
Item: 60223161

Primary benefits

This shampoo bar utilizes fermented rice water to smooth, moisturize, and strengthen all hair types. Its nourishing formula hydrates, enhances texture, and refreshes with Mint and Rosemary for a rejuvenated feel. Safe for color-treated hair and free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Additionally, it conserves water, space, minimizes plastic use, and is travel-friendly.


After shampooing, rub the wet doTERRA Hair Shampoo Bar between hands and apply directly to hair, emphasizing mid-lengths and ends. Thoroughly rinse. Prolong the bar's lifespan by keeping it dry between uses. Store at room temperature, avoiding excessive heat.


Keep away from eyes. Use externally only. Stop use if irritation develops.
Bergamot Mint Essential Oil
Comes from a flowering perennial herb with violet flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Like Lavender, the major chemical constituents of Bergamot Mint are linalool and linalyl acetate.
Cedarwood Essential Oil
Offers a grounding, rooted aroma.
Litsea Essential Oil
Comes from a small evergreen tree with white and yellow flowers. Despite its lemon-like aroma, the plant isn’t part of the citrus family, but rather the laurel family. Its roots and branches are used in traditional Chinese wellness practices.
Palmarosa Essential Oil
Has a bright, cleansing aroma that smells slightly sweet and floral. Though the name suggests it comes from a tree or flowering rose, Palmarosa is derived from a grass that’s dried then steam-distilled to create a fresh, fragrant essential oil.
Patchouli Essential Oil
Is easily recognized for its rich, musky, and sweet fragrance, It’s derived from a bushy herb in the mint family, with stems reaching two or three feet in height and bearing small, pink-white flowers.
Rosemary Essential Oil
Serves as an effective addition to skin and hair products thanks to its mild cleansing properties and invigorating aroma.
Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil
Creates a fresh, stimulating environment. Peppermint and Japanese Peppermint come from the same Mentha genus but different plant species. Japanese Peppermint has a higher concentration of menthol.
Rose Essential Oil
Is one of the most precious and sought-after essential oils in the world, delivering a sweet, beguiling, and romantic fragrance when used aromatically or topically.
Fermented Rice Water
Improves the surface of your hair, reduces frizz, and increases elasticity, providing hair with a glorious, bouncy shine.
Cocoa Seed Butter
Prevents water loss in the skin and helps improve the overall moisture of the scalp, which breathes glossy life into hair follicles.
Jojoba Seed Oil
Provides optimal hydration, helping improve skin texture.
Shea Butter
Is full of fatty acids and is deeply moisturizing and hydrating to the skin.
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