doTERRA On Guard Oil

Elevate your well-being with doTERRA On Guard! Experience the natural and effective immune support it offers when taken internally. This essential oil blend is not only a bestseller, but it’s also your shield against environmental and seasonal challenges when ingested. Plus, it doubles as a non-toxic surface cleaner, making it an essential addition to your daily routine.

But that’s not all – when diffused, doTERRA On Guard fills the air with an invigorating and uplifting aroma, creating a refreshing atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this 15 mL bottle of wellness in a bottle – Item: 31100001. Take charge of your health and protect your loved ones today!

Primary benefits

Boosts internal immune function and enhances natural antioxidants. Functions as a potent surface cleaner. Infuses surroundings with an invigorating aroma.


Boost your immune system with 2-3 drops in a Veggie Cap. Enhance surfaces by adding to water for a versatile cleaner. Enjoy a healthy snack by soaking apple slices in water with a few drops. Mix with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a natural hand cleanser. Stay well and clean the natural way!

Directions For Use

For aromatic use, simply add 3-4 drops to your preferred diffuser. When using internally, dilute a single drop in 4 fluid ounces of liquid. And for topical application, apply 1-2 drops to your desired area, ensuring you dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil as needed to reduce skin sensitivity. Enjoy the versatility and benefits of this product with these easy-to-follow instructions.


Exercise caution with skin sensitivity. Store out of children's reach. If you're pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision, consult your physician. Refrain from contact with eyes, inner ears, or sensitive areas. Steer clear of direct sunlight or UV exposure for up to 12 hours post-application. Your safety is paramount.
Wild Orange
Contributes to a positive, calming environment and may support a healthy inflammatory response with its limonene content when ingested, according to preclinical and clinical research.*
Provides powerful antioxidant properties and may support a healthy inflammatory and oxidative stress response with its eugenol and β-Caryophyllene content when ingested, according to preclinical testing.*
Cinnamon Bark
Effectively cleanses and was once more valuable than gold!
Eucalyptus oil in doTERRA On Guard (Eucalyptus globulus) is different from our bottled Eucalyptus essential oil, which blends five types of eucalyptus and shouldn’t be used internally.
Renews and rejuvenates when taken internally.* Provides antioxidant properties.
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