doTERRA PB Restore ProBiome Complex

Unlock the potential of your microbiome, the unseen powerhouse driving your well-being! Think of it as an invisible organ, a complex ecosystem of microbes crucial for your overall health. However, the natural aging process, an imbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, and stress can throw your microbiome off balance. Enter doTERRA PB Restore ProBiome Complex, your ally in restoring microbial harmony and optimizing your microbiome health.

Our unique formulation comprises 30 pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, along with bacteriophages, carefully crafted to rejuvenate microbial diversity and balance. With an exceptional 18 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of probiotics, encompassing 24 active cultures from 22 different species, our formula stands unparalleled in promoting microbial diversity. The inclusion of prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and bacteriophages actively fosters the growth of good bacteria while selectively targeting the bad ones. Additionally, our postbiotic, derived from bioactive compounds produced by healthy bacteria, provides an extra layer of health benefits.

Experience the power of our dual-chamber, time-released delivery system, ensuring sustained support throughout the day. From aiding digestive comfort and micronutrient synthesis to enhancing gut barrier integrity and promoting a healthy metabolism, doTERRA PB Restore has you covered. The metabolites generated by our carefully selected bacterial strains also contribute to skin health, respiratory and immune system support, and a balanced inflammatory response. Early research even suggests potential benefits for brain, cardiovascular, urological, and metabolite function, as well as promoting a healthy DNA response to oxidative stress.

Seize control of your well-being with doTERRA PB Restore ProBiome Complex—30 capsules of excellence, crafted to restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate your microbiome for a healthier, more balanced you. Item: 60225766.

Primary benefits

Revitalize your well-being with our comprehensive formula! Our product supports digestive health and gut barrier integrity, aids in micronutrient synthesis, and promotes skin health, respiratory and immune systems, and a healthy inflammatory response. With a unique blend of 30 pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, along with bacteriophages, our easy-to-use capsules restore microbial diversity and balance for optimal microbiome health. Elevate your health effortlessly!

Directions For Use

Take one daily capsule of doTERRA PB Restore with water before a meal. For optimal results, avoid pairing with high-temperature foods or beverages exceeding body temperature. Expect temporary digestive adjustments as a sign of the product's activity, showcasing your body's positive adaptation. Any initial discomfort typically subsides within the first few weeks, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced well-being.


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Unlock the potential of your microbiome, the unseen powerhouse driving your well-being! Think of it as an invisible organ, a complex ecosystem …

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