Ginger Oil

Freshly sourced from Madagascar, dōTERRA’s Ginger essential oil is extracted from the vibrant rhizome of the ginger plant, which is the underground stem that extends its root system. In Asian cuisine, Ginger is a prominent ingredient renowned for its spicy and aromatic flavor, making it a cherished kitchen spice. In Western culinary traditions, Ginger often finds its place in sweet treats, with gingerbread and ginger snaps serving as popular examples. Beyond its culinary uses, Ginger is widely recognized for its digestive benefits and its ability to alleviate occasional indigestion and nausea when consumed internally. Additionally, Ginger essential oil can be applied topically or inhaled to enjoy its soothing and spicy aroma.

– Plant Part: Rhizome
– Extraction Method: Steam distillation
– Aromatic Description: Spicy and pungent
– Main Chemical Components: α-zingiberene, β-sesquiphellandrene

Primary benefits

This essential oil offers internal support for healthy digestion† and aids in relieving occasional indigestion and nausea when used internally†. Additionally, it imparts a soothing and calming fragrance.


Enjoy Green Mandarin essential oil on a road trip by diffusing or inhaling from your hands. For relaxation, apply it to your lower abdomen during a massage. Enhance your culinary creations by incorporating this versatile oil into both sweet and savory dishes.

Directions For Use

Aromatic: Add 3-4 drops to your preferred diffuser. Internal: Mix one drop with 4 fl oz of liquid. Topical: Apply 1-2 drops to the desired area; dilute with a carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity. Refer to extra precautions below.


Exercise caution for potential skin sensitivity. Store away from children. Consult a medical professional if pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
Product Impact
Every year, doTERRA processes millions of customer orders! Imagine the impact we could have if each person donated a single dollar to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® with their orders. doTERRA International covers the foundation’s operating costs, so 100% of your donations go directly to aiding others. The second doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation project in 2023 will support impoverished Honduran families. Utilizing a proven poverty assessment tool, called the Poverty Stoplight, families identify their own poverty conditions and establish actions to overcome them using seven focus areas:
Cardamom essential oil is steam-distilled from the small black seeds of the plant—usually sold to the spice market. The seed pod’s thin outer shell is green and papery. Pods are dried for about 36 hours before being sold as a spice or for distillation. After drying, the cardamom pods are only a fifth of their fresh weight. Cardamom grows well in India, but the booming local spice industry often prevents it from being exported. We source Cardamom essential oil from Guatemala and Honduras, which have similar climates. Cardamom is a newer crop to Honduras, offering significant additional income to banana and sugar cane farmers.
doTERRA Healing Hands The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation also funded several community development projects in Guatemala, including new toilets, a new roof, new paint, a repaired foundation, and an updated fence for Mario Mendez Montenegro Kindergarten School in Huehuetenango. Currently, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is fundraising for the Honduras Poverty Stoplight project. You can learn more about this project under the “Product Impact” tab. Co-Impact Sourcing® Co-Impact Sourcing supports hands-on training in Guatemala, which teaches farmers best practices for growing cardamom, including seed selection, planting and harvesting techniques, and plant care. Farmers can see the positive effects of these techniques in their fields, enjoying a higher quality and quantity of cardamom and thus receiving a higher price for their yields.
Our sourcing partner has an exceptional environmental stewardship program built into their cardamom agricultural practices, including reforestation.
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