Lavender Touch

Lavender Touch is a trusted source of tranquility, offering gentle relief to the skin and a serene state of mind, all within a convenient roller bottle.

Recognized for its soothing attributes and its capacity to alleviate occasional skin discomfort, Lavender Touch harmoniously blends Lavender essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil to cater to those with delicate or sensitive skin.

Whether you need to soothe a restless child, address minor skin irritations, or minimize the visibility of skin imperfections, Lavender Touch is your go-to solution. Simply apply it to your temples, the nape of your neck, the soles of your feet, or your pulse points to relish its calming and grounding effects.

Size: 10 mL
Item: 60200225

Primary benefits

Soothes occasional skin irritations and imparts a calming effect, especially valuable for soothing skin exposed to harsh environmental conditions.


Apply to temples or back of neck for soothing relaxation. Massage onto the soles of your feet before bedtime. Use on sporadic skin irritations.

Directions For Use

For topical application, administer to the intended area. Refer to supplementary precautions for guidance.


Caution: May cause skin sensitivity. Keep away from children. If pregnant or under medical supervision, seek advice from your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Predilutes essential oils for anyone with sensitive skin—perfect for all ages. Makes the essential oil absorb more effectively into the skin and helps the aroma linger longer after topical application.
Is widely considered a must-have essential oil because of its versatility, centuries of use, and myriad of benefits. Promotes a peaceful environment with its calming, soothing floral aroma.
We believe the best way to protect a forest is to make it productive. By sourcing and selling Guaiacwood essential oil, doTERRA is making Paraguay's El Chaco Forest profitable, protecting the trees from being cut down to make space for other money-generating businesses such as cattle grazing. The unusual soil and climate combination in El Chaco has created unique biodiversity, meaning it’s the only place in the world where Guaiacwood trees can grow. Because Guaiacwood is an endangered species, our sourcing partner has been working diligently since 2018 to develop a sustainable forest management plan for it. By 2022, they had purchased more than 12,000 acres in El Chaco and divided each into 20 subplots. Only one plot per acre is harvested for essential oil each year, allowing it to then rest for 20 years before being revisited. This careful coppicing is helping El Chaco remain vibrant, productive, and protected from deforestation.
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