Roam® Diffuser

Introducing the doTERRA Roam Diffuser—crafted from natural, vibrant ground stone, each uniquely polished. Unleash a wireless aromatic experience with its built-in rechargeable battery and charging dock. Perfect for any room, this diffuser hosts your essential oils with elegance.

Specs & Features:
– Water capacity: 100 mL/3.4 oz
– Suggested room size: Up to 270sq. ft/25sq. m
– Continuous operation: Adapter powered—up to 5 hours, battery-powered—up to 4 hours
– Intermittent operation (5 minutes ON/5 minutes OFF): Adapter powered—up to 10 hours, battery-powered—up to 8 hours
– Cord-free and battery-powered, with a charging dock
– Responsibly created with eco-friendly post-consumer recycled resin
– Ambient white, warm, and cyan light options
– Automatic safety shut-off

Indulge in aromatherapy anywhere with this unique and portable diffuser.

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