Turmeric Oil

Turmeric root and oil, integral in traditional Indian Ayurvedic health practices, boast a rich history that continues to influence contemporary applications. Extracted through steam distillation of the root, Turmeric essential oil contains two distinct chemical components: turmerone and ar-Turmerone. Primarily recognized for their benefits to the nervous system, these components make incorporating Turmeric internally a fundamental aspect of your daily health regimen.

Turmeric essential oil proves advantageous regardless of how it’s used—whether ingested, applied topically, or diffused aromatically. When taken internally, Turmeric may offer soothing effects, supporting a positive immune response and promoting healthy circulation, thereby contributing to overall immune system well-being. Beyond its internal use, Turmeric can enhance skin health, fostering clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. Furthermore, it adds a delightful burst of flavor to your favorite savory dishes and imparts a warm, spicy, and earthy aroma when diffused.

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Primary benefits

Internally, it aids in healthy glucose and lipid metabolism, potentially boosting cellular antioxidant enzymes. Supports optimal nervous and cellular function, enhances curcumin absorption, and promotes a robust immune response. Additionally, it contributes to clean, healthy-looking skin, minimizing the visibility of blemishes.


Consume daily for antioxidant support and enhanced immune response. Ingest for metabolic assistance during a reset. Apply as a spot treatment or face mask to diminish blemishes and promote a healthy glow. Diffuse for a warm, spicy, and earthy fragrance. Include in your recovery routine for a soothing massage post-strenuous activity.

Directions For Use

For aromatic benefits, add three to four drops to your preferred diffuser. Internally, dilute one drop in four fluid ounces of liquid. Topically, apply one to two drops to the desired area, diluted with a carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity. Refer to additional precautions below.


Caution: Potential for skin sensitivity. Keep away from children. Consult your physician if pregnant, nursing, or under medical care. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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