Bone Nutrient Essential Complex

Introducing our Bone Nutrient Essential Complex – a meticulously crafted formula featuring highly absorbable natural nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and essential trace minerals. This powerful blend is designed to promote and maintain optimal bone density throughout the aging process, specifically tailored to support women’s health.*

Primary benefits

Delivering vital nutrients for robust bone health, our formula offers optimal levels of essential vitamins and minerals, supporting the development and maintenance of healthy bone mass. A rich source of calcium and magnesium, it ensures lifelong bone wellness for women. Our proprietary blend of top-quality, bioavailable bone nutrients, including vitamin D2 and D3, facilitates calcium absorption. Encased in HPMC vegetable capsules, it's a sodium lauryl sulfate-free solution for comprehensive bone support.

Directions For Use

For optimal well-being, teens and adults, both men and women, are advised to consume four (4) daily capsules with meals. This simple regimen ensures that you effortlessly incorporate essential nutrients into your routine, supporting your health and vitality. Make the most of each day with this convenient and effective supplement.


Consult a physician before use if pregnant, nursing, or with known medical conditions. Ensure optimal storage in a cool, dry place for product longevity.

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