Phytoestrogen Essential Complex

Embarking on the journey into adulthood, a woman’s intricate biological functions are intricately tied to the delicate dance of hormones. Maintaining a harmonious equilibrium of these essential elements is pivotal for fostering optimal health and emotional well-being, spanning from the formative years of adolescence to the transformative stages of menopause.

Introducing the doTERRA Women Phytoestrogen Essential Complex—a thoughtfully crafted fusion of standardized plant phytoestrogens designed to delicately and naturally support hormonal balance.† Enriched with concentrated flax seed lignans, this unique blend goes beyond, actively promoting a healthy metabolism.†

Unlock the potential to diminish discomfort associated with PMS and navigate the menopausal transition with greater ease by embracing a holistic approach. By incorporating proper nutrition, regular exercise, and the gentle support of our Women Phytoestrogen Essential Complex, you empower yourself to not only alleviate immediate concerns but also fortify your foundation for long-term well-being.

Elevate your journey through life’s stages with added support for vital aspects such as bone health, cardiovascular well-being, and the maintenance of breast tissue.† As you gracefully age, let our blend contribute to the harmonious orchestration of your body’s structures and functions, embodying the essence of holistic wellness for every woman.†

Primary benefits

Our women's health supplement offers crucial support by providing dietary phytoestrogens to balance hormones and aid in estrogen metabolism. Ideal for managing PMS symptoms and navigating menopause, it complements a healthy lifestyle and hormone therapy. Scientifically backed, it includes a potent soy extract (64% isoflavones, 50% genistein), flax seed extract (40% lignans), and a pomegranate extract for antioxidant support. Our natural formula comes in HPMC vegetable capsules, ensuring a holistic and effective solution for women's well-being.

Directions For Use

For pre- and peri-menopausal women, enhance your well-being with 1 to 2 daily capsules of xEO Mega, taken with meals or as advised by a healthcare professional. Post-menopausal women can benefit from 2 daily capsules, ideally paired with doTERRA Women Bone Nutrient Essential Complex, doTERRA Women ClaryCalm® monthly essential oil blend, and doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®. Elevate your health seamlessly with this thoughtfully formulated supplement regimen.


For optimum safety, consult a physician if pregnant, nursing, or with existing medical conditions. Free from wheat and milk products, this supplement complements but does not substitute hormone replacement therapies.†

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