Veráge® Toner

Introducing Veráge Toner—an exceptional blend of CPTG essential oils and nourishing plant extracts meticulously crafted to enhance your skin’s vitality wherever you go. This revitalizing toner not only tightens, tones, and smoothens your skin but also provides a burst of hydration, fortifying and refreshing your complexion. Immerse yourself in the invigorating scents that accompany this… Continue reading Veráge® Toner

Veráge® Moisturizer

Ideal for every skin type, Veráge Moisturizer seamlessly blends CPTG® essential oils like Jasmine, Geranium, Sea Buckthorn Berry, and Juniper Berry with plant extracts to deliver profound hydration and skin revitalization. Leveraging cutting-edge plant technology, this lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer ensures swift absorption while providing intense nourishment through luxurious shea butter and emollients. By promoting optimal… Continue reading Veráge® Moisturizer

Veráge® Immortelle Hydrating Serum

Discover the transformative impact of Veráge Immortelle Hydrating Serum, unlocking the secrets to age-defying beauty. Immerse yourself in a revolutionary blend of CPTG® essential oils and cutting-edge plant technology, meticulously crafted to enhance lipid balance for a visibly smoother and more radiant complexion. Going beyond the ordinary moisturizing serum, our scientifically formulated lipid complex mirrors… Continue reading Veráge® Immortelle Hydrating Serum

Veráge® Cleanser

Transform your skincare routine with Veráge Cleanser, the key to unlocking radiant and healthy skin. Crafted with a natural gel formula infused with CPTG® essential oils of Wild Orange, Tea Tree, and Basil, this cleanser goes beyond cleansing – it invigorates your skin. Emollients in the formula nourish and hydrate, unveiling a glowing and youthful… Continue reading Veráge® Cleanser