PB Assist Jr

Presenting PB Assist Jr, an innovative powdered probiotic supplement specially designed for individuals who find swallowing pills challenging, whether they are children or adults. This convenient formula is enriched with 5 billion live cells and features a distinctive blend of six probiotic strains, working synergistically to enhance digestive health. By facilitating optimal nutrient absorption and… Continue reading PB Assist Jr

Kid’s Kit

Discover the ultimate harmony of doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack® coupled with two delightful products, creating a seamless fusion of omega-3s, whole food nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Embrace the ease of supplementation with liquid and chewable forms, catering to both kids and adults. Indulge in delectable flavors for children and effortless-to-swallow options for adults, making holistic… Continue reading Kid’s Kit

IQ Mega

Indulge in the refreshing taste of doTERRA IQ Mega, where the zesty essence of CPTG® Wild Orange essential oil replaces the traditional fishy flavor of omega-3 supplements. With 1,550 mg of concentrated omega-3 fatty acids per serving, this delightful and easy-to-swallow supplement offers a delicious twist on your daily wellness routine, making it a flavorful… Continue reading IQ Mega

a2z Chewable

Elevate your well-being with doTERRA a2z Chewable—integrating B vitamins, Vitamins A, C, and E, and botanical extracts to foster healthy cell development and longevity. Designed for daily use, it complements Wild Orange-flavored IQ Mega® Omega-3 fish oil, forming a powerful duo that supports immunity, cognitive function, and provides antioxidant protection.† Embrace a comprehensive approach to… Continue reading a2z Chewable