Vanilla Protein

Elevate your nutritional intake with doTERRA Proteins, meticulously crafted to address the gaps in our modern diets. Even with mindful eating, we often fall short on essential nutrients, such as protein. Our proteins are designed to supplement these deficiencies, providing the fuel your body needs for muscle building, appetite management, and post-workout recovery.*

Recognizing the significance of protein as a vital macronutrient, doTERRA Whey Protein offers a premium blend of 21 grams of protein sourced from pasture-fed cows. This high-quality protein supports optimal bodily function, from building cells to fortifying the immune system.* Unlike many protein supplements, doTERRA Whey Protein is sugar-free, making it an excellent choice for those following Keto or other high protein/low carb diets.

Not only does our protein deliver on nutritional excellence, but it also prioritizes digestive health. With its easy-to-digest formulation, derived from one of the most nutritionally complete proteins—whey—there’s no worry about gas or bloating. Each serving additionally provides 7 grams of fiber to manage appetite and promote overall digestive well-being.*

At doTERRA, we understand that the source of your protein matters. Our product is formulated without GMOs, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone, ensuring a commitment to quality ingredients that align with your healthy lifestyle. Naturally sweetened with monk fruit and stevia, our chocolate and vanilla flavors provide a delicious experience without compromising on your dietary goals.

Support your body’s vitality with doTERRA Protein shakes, boasting a mere 150 calories per serving. Enjoy them on their own for a delightful and creamy experience, or customize your creations by blending with fruits, vegetables, adaptogenic blends, or other wellness-boosting additions. Make it a daily ritual to fuel your body, foster muscle growth, and aid in recovery—because where you get your protein matters. Choose a source you can trust, choose doTERRA—where the very name signifies a Gift from the Earth.

Primary benefits

Elevate your fitness journey with our premium protein blends! Crafted with all-natural flavors and sweetened by monk fruit and stevia, our formula boasts a well-balanced amino acid profile for heightened energy and stamina. Combat cravings with appetite control, fuel ATP production, and promote muscle growth and recovery. Our blend is GMO, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone-free, ensuring a clean and powerful supplement for your optimal performance.

Directions For Use

Create a nourishing shake with doTERRA Protein! Mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water or your preferred milk for a smooth, creamy base. Enhance with fruits and veggies for extra flavor and nutrition. Elevate your experience by adding a single drop of your preferred doTERRA essential oil for a uniquely delicious twist. Transform your routine with this wholesome blend!


Ensure safety by storing in a cool, dry place. Prior to use, pregnant or nursing women, individuals with known medical conditions, and parents should consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children to maintain a secure environment. Elevate your well-being responsibly with our product.

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