Vegan Protein

Enhance Your Nutrition with doTERRA Proteins!

In our pursuit of a mindful and intentional approach to nourishing our bodies, it’s common to fall short on key nutrients, such as protein. Recognizing this gap, doTERRA Proteins have been meticulously crafted to supplement the modern diet, providing essential fuel where it’s needed most.

Protein, a vital macronutrient, plays a pivotal role in muscle development, appetite management, and post-workout recovery. Beyond these benefits, it is crucial for sustaining energy levels, facilitating cell growth, and bolstering a robust immune system response. Our sugar-free doTERRA Protein not only supports these health objectives but also aligns seamlessly with Keto and other high protein/low carb diets.

For those embracing a vegan lifestyle, doTERRA offers a plant-powered solution with our Vegan Protein blend. Boasting 21g of protein sourced from pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed, sacha inchi, and flax seed, it ensures a comprehensive profile of all 20 amino acids essential for your well-being. Plus, each serving comes fortified with 7 grams of fiber, derived from natural sources like monk fruit and stevia, to help manage appetite.* Free from GMOs, gluten, and soy, doTERRA Vegan Protein is a wholesome choice for a diverse and balanced plant-based diet.

At just around 150 calories per serving, doTERRA Protein shakes are not only delicious and creamy on their own but also serve as an ideal canvas for your creative touch. Blend them effortlessly into your customized creations, adding fruits, vegetables, adaptogenic blends, or any other wellness-boosting ingredients to your daily smoothies. Elevate your daily routine, fuel your body, and support muscle growth and recovery with doTERRA Proteins.*

Primary benefits

Experience the pinnacle of nutrition with our premium protein blends. Indulge in all-natural flavors, sweetened with monk fruit and stevia. Achieve a well-balanced amino acids profile for enhanced energy and stamina. Our blend aids appetite control, provides essential nutrients for ATP production, and supports muscle growth and recovery. Enjoy the goodness of a GMO, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone-free formula, tailored for vegans. Elevate your wellness journey with our exceptional protein blend.

Directions For Use

Elevate your nutrition effortlessly with doTERRA Protein. Simply mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water or your preferred milk for a smooth and creamy delight. Boost the taste and nutrition by adding fruits and veggies. Want a unique twist? Infuse a drop of your favorite doTERRA essential oil for an extra burst of flavor. Experience the perfect blend of health and indulgence in every sip!


Caution: Ensure safe storage away from children. Consult a physician before use if pregnant, nursing, or with known medical conditions. Store in a cool, dry place for optimal preservation.

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